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Welcome to our support page.
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Since you're reading this, you might have already considered making a donation or you're just curious and you want to know more about why we have a “support page”.
In any case, we're glad to provide you with all the info you may need!


Who we are
and what we do

You probably know our story and our plan, and you probably enjoy reading our texts, watching our YouTube videos, browsing through our photos on Worldvespa's Facebook and Instagram accounts. You may also have read our book, “Rice & Dirt” or even attended one of our presentations.

What we do (traveling the world and creating all this stuff) is what we love, but sharing it with our friends at every corner of the earth is what makes our hearts fly. We always work to improve our skills in making videos, writing texts, taking pictures. We always do our best to provide our followers with better material, wider variety of subjects and in general, quality work without compromising our principles.

Why we need you

What we would really like is to be able to continue having plenty of stuff available on our media for free and for everyone and for this reason your contribution is most valuable for us. Our upload / sharing schedule is largely based on how much we can support ourselves on the money we're making. So the more support we have, the more content you can expect from us.

Worldvespa Crew Alexandra

We're happy and grateful for having such positive feedback, we're over the moon every time we receive kind words from people who appreciate what we do and how we do it. Your support will provide us with the fuel, food, maintenance, and tools we need to keep traveling, creating and sharing.

Worldvespa Crew Stergios

What's in it for you

We had been trying to think of a special way to show you our gratitude and we came up with the idea to create the “Worldvespa Crew”, a secret Facebook Group exclusively for all of you who have been supporting our trip all these years by being always by our side. So, apart from our greatest appreciation, this way you will also have some more info about our trip, our work, our everyday life! There, we will upload raw material, information and thoughts that we can't or don't want to make public and of course, we will be able to chat on whatever question you may have.

Thank you for taking the time
to consider supporting our work

If you’d like to contribute, here is the PayPal link where you can make a one-time or a monthly donation using your PayPal balance or your Credit / Debit Card. If the link above won't work, donate to or to Alternatively, one of the best contributions you can make is by giving us exposure, which is immensely important for us. Share our stories, follow our social media accounts, subscribe to our YouTube channel, place a comment, sign up for our newsletter... Last but not least, you can visit our store and buy your worldvespa t-shirt 👕

If all this feels right to you,
we’d love to have you on board.
Thanks for being part of the team and enjoy the ride!

Stergios, Alexandra & Kitsos the Vespa