Rohayhu Paraguay! (I love Paraguay!)

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When we crossed the border and finally entered Argentina, we couldn’t believe that we had stayed in Paraguay for so long. Five months had passed from that day back in February when we arrived in Pedro Juan Caballero, in the north of the country and it was mid-July already! From the unbearable summer heat to … Read More

Our motorcycle gear

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Our Motorcycle Gear

We thanked them, took it, tried it, used it (and recently started to abuse it) and we think it’s a good idea to write down our first (and not only) impressions… So, here they are: Jackets (ARMR KISO 2 & KISO 2 ladies) We always wear motorcycle jackets when we travel, as well as when … Read More

Vespa travel Brazil (video)

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Vespa travel Brazil video featured

Read our stories from Brazil and see the photos here: Like, comment, share and don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel if you want to see more videos! For everyday updates you can follow us on our social media Paraguay here we come!!! Even 1€ helps us stay on the road for longer and … Read More