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Our journeys began separately in 2013, but since 2014 (when we first met) we've been living together, traveling and working as a freelance duo. We use our skills to combine our two loves: life on the road with work we really enjoy.

Our stories and photos have been published in various magazines around the world, primarily in motorcycle/scooter, travel and general interest magazines.

Most of our articles are first-person stories that take place in regions we've visited, trip reports from countries we traveled and interesting routes we rode. Many of them focus on cultures and cultural diversity, meeting people, living on the road, experiences, tips...

See below a selection of our published work (print and on-line):

Overland Magazine, UK (print)

Scooter & BikeXpress, NL (print)

  • Introduction to Worldvespa (feature)
  • Bolivia – The Lagunas Route on a Vespa (story, trip report)
  • Mauritania on a Vespa (story)
  • Lesotho on a Vespa (story)

Road Trip Magazine, FR (print)

  • Worldvespa, the story (feature, issue 51)
  • Chile – La Carretera Austral (story, trip report, issue 54)

ADVMoto Magazine, USA (print)

  • Can we travelers adapt in the time of a pandemic? (article, issue 117)
  • Places your good ol' scooter can't go (article, issue 109)

ADVMoto Magazine, USA (on-line, monthly contribution)

ScooterNova Magazine, UK (print)

  • Traveling the world during a pandemic (article, issue 20)

Fractalart, GR (on-line, weekly contribution)

Fragilemag, GR (on-line, weekly contribution)

We can work with motorcycle and scooter magazines, travel magazines, general interest magazines, etc (on-line and print).

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Our story, our book “Rice & Dirt: Across Africa on a Vespa” and part of our work (photography and videos) have been featured in various Media around the world: