Update: We have a new tent!

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The Fox Comfort 3!

A spacious, double-walled, easy to set up, waterproof tent, from the biggest outdoor manufacturer of technical mountaineering equipment and clothing in Russia.

Many thanks to Red Fox and Red Fox North America for making our adventure a little bit more comfortable!

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We (Stergios & Alexandra) are traveling around the world 2-up on a Vespa scooter. For 5 years we've been traveling in Africa & South America and we're still rolling. Our book "Rice and Dirt: Across Africa on a Vespa" is now available.

3 Comments on “Update: We have a new tent!”

  1. Για πρωτη φορα σου γραφω ενα σχολιο…Φτασαμε να ζουμε δυσκολα ρε φιλε…Απλα να ξερεις κατι…Υπαρχουν αρκετοι σαν και μενα που παρακολουθουν το ταξιδι σου σαν συμβολο φυγης απο τη μιζερια…Για αυτους εκφραζεις την ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΗ ΖΩΗ…Να εισαι παντα καλα..Ευχαριστουμε…

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