66 Travel Related Questions and Answers (Q&A Video)

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In this special episode Alexandra and I answer the questions that you asked.

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The questions

00:17 How's the situation looking in Argentina?
01:00 How is this pandemic going to affect your travels?
01:41 Why a PX?
01:54 Why don't you travel on a new Vespa?
02:41 Why someone shouldn't travel on a Vespa?
03:13 How many kilometers can you ride in a day on your Vespa?
04:19 How many cc’s is your scooter? How can it bear all this weight?
04:42 What's your top cruise speed &mpg?
06:09 Has your scooter had any structural reinforcements on the frame? If yes, what was done?
06:49 What's your setup? Engine, suspension, tyres & what spare parts do you carry with you?
09:13 What other modes would you like to make to your bike if you could, or are you happy with it as it is?
10:08 If you could upgrade something on your Vespa for free what would that be?
10:47 Do you use any fuel additives?
11:01 Have you thought about traveling on 2 bikes or putting a sidecar or a trailer?
12:37 What would you say to all of us who ride small bikes?
12:54 Wondering if it would be easier with a car?
13:40 Which country has the worst drivers?
14:56 How do you survive on the endless straight roads?
15:25 What are the things you both love & hate about your Vespa & about the way you travel?
18:15 Does Alexandra ride & have you ever considered switching roles where she rides & you sit on the back?
18:59 Dο you ever disagree about the routes you will take?
19:42 What is it you think makes you work so well together as a couple & keeps you so fresh being so close to each other all the time?
21:05 Do you organize time apart for each other?
21:49 How difficult is it for a woman to travel on a Vespa?
23:26 Have you split the everyday chores like housework?
24:05 What would you do if Alexandra became pregnant?
24:51 Stergios, do you use makeup?
24:59 Stergios is your beard real? Also, do you use oils?
25:11 How many beard cuts since Bamako?
25:42 What made you start this trip?
26:32 What have been the biggest unforeseen challenges along your journeys?
27:43 Are there any clichés you are confronted with?
29:37 Do you often discuss politics with the locals?
30:04 What was the weirdest experience you had with a host?
31:35 If you could start from scratch, what would you change?
32:16 Would you like some company on your next trip?
32:56 When should we expect Rice & Dirt II?
34:16 Is there any space in your suitcase for a bigger mate & another bombilla?
34:33 Are you within your budget? If not, why?
35:22 How much money has it cost you so far?
36:01 Where do I get the carnet de passage from? What's the cost?
36:50 Do you keep track of your expenses? Any apps you recommend?
37:32 How do you save money for your trips?
38:18 What would you do if you suddenly got 5 or 10 thousand euro's?
39:34 How does it feel to be an influencer?
39:50 How much money do you make on YouTube?
40:03 Do you have any videos from Chile?
40:12 Have you studied graphic arts?
40:38 Do you have any tips on how to organize the footage from the cameras?
41:40 What cameras do you use?
42:05 What app do you use to check the weather?
43:09 How do you handle the rain?
43:53 What items for your camping do you not have & wish you had & what would you add if you had more room?
44:45 Would you throw away any gear that wasn't any helpful? Would you take something you don't have now?
46:15 How do you communicate with your family?
46:36 Where do you eat & how? Where have you eaten & where haven't you? What have you eaten? What would you like to eat in the future?
48:23 Is it true that the Argentinian steak is huge & delicious?
48:36 Do you miss Souvlaki?
49:00 When did you start traveling long term?
49:13 Any general tips about traveling?
49:21 What is the worst place you've ever visited & would avoid at all costs?
50:05 Is it true that Argentina is the most beautiful country on the planet?
50:22 What is your favorite travel destination?
51:42 Brazil, when?
51:52 Which Latin American country you haven't visited yet, seems the most appealing to you?
52:26 What's your plan? Where are you heading next?


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