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Our UK trip - Το ταξίδι μας στην Αγγλία - Us

If only we could spend some more time there...

Two years ago, a series of magical coincidences and our meeting with Paddy Tyson, the man behind The Overland Magazine and The Overland Event, brought us to the UK for the first time. We did a presentation of our RTW trip, met very interesting people and got inspired. This was the beginning of a different kind of journey that led to the publishing of our first book “Rice and Dirt”, the preparation of a film (coming soon...) and many more!

Imagine our enthusiasm when we took a flight from Athens to London to go to this year's Overland Event! It was as great as we remembered from 2016 (if not even greater). We saw again old friends, met new ones and had the amazing opportunity to spend time with our favourite community: the motorcycle overland community!

We saw the English version of our book “Rice and Dirt” printed!

What also made us beam was the moment when we saw the English version of our book “Rice and Dirt” printed! At last, after all the work we had done the previous year writing and translating it into English (by Katerina Soumani, our one and only translator) and with the priceless support of the team of Shuvvy Press, we could hold it in our hands!

The five days we spent in the UK were so full that we needed some means of transport in order to move around. Scomadi along with Modern Scooters offered us a pair of limited edition TT125 air-cooled scooters that we rode all the way from Oxford, where the Overland Event took place, to the Mersea Island Scooter Rally! What a ride!

At the Mersea Island Scooter Rally, we took a closer look at the scooter culture of the UK! Amazing hospitality, some very British styles (which we love), music, games, fish and chips and countless pints of beer (or ale?). If only we could spend some more time there...

And while we had started thinking about the need to replace our old motorcycle gear, Trimotive came to our rescue. Long story short, we left the UK fully equipped with brand new motorcycle gear! The guys from ARMR provided us with jackets, trousers, gloves and boots and we even got two VEMAR helmets!

Maybe you have already guessed that...

(drumroll sound)

We're almost ready to set off on our journey again!

Brazil, here we come!

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