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 Chile / Bolivia, immigration & customs office: Here you get all the necessary stamps in your passport and the permits for your vehicle in order to travel in Bolivia (BE CAREFUL! You still need to visit San Pedro de Atacama for the Chilean exit stumps). In our case the permitted length of stay was only for 30 days (same for the Vespa). However, you can extend your stay – and your vehicle’s – in several cities. (Jun ’15) gps: -22.880968, -67.79846

hotel icon Lake Colorada, shelter: I stayed here for a night. Didn’t check for hot water but I guess there wasn’t. There’s electricity for few hours per day. The price included a decent dinner (vegetable soup and pasta with tomato sauce – big portion) and a breakfast (pancakes with butter & dulce de leche, coffee & tea). You should know that the food isn’t made for everyone separately, but for all the people staying in the shelter to share. Dinner is served around 19:00 and breakfast around 05:00. Price: 50BOB p.p. in a dorm with 4 beds. (Jun ’15) gps: -22.17327, -67.81823

 Lake HediondaIf you want to see some beautiful landscapes, then you must visit this place! Flamingos, volcanoes, views from another world! (Jun ’15) gps: -21.56166, -68.03757

wild camping icom Lake Hedionda, wild camp spot: Nice spot to camp for free, only few kilometers from lake Hedionda. Prepare yourself for a cold and windy night. (Jun ’15) gps: -21.54467, -68.02608

 Uyuni, Immigration office: Here we managed to extend our tourist visa for 60 more days (90 in total included the 30 days we got at the border / we’ve got Greek – EU – passports). The “price” for the extension was 20 BOB per person, unfortunately without a receipt! (Jul ’15) gps: -20.46327, -66.826225

 Uyuni, public showers: Here you can have a hot shower for only 1BOB! (Jul ’15) gps: -20.463043, -66.82549

 Uyuni, central market: Here you can find anything you’re searching for, especially food. If you walk inside the building you’ll see 10ths of local women selling groceries, meat, spices, bread, and lots of street food. (Jul ’15) gps: -20.463928, -66.82515

hotel icon Uyuni, El Cactu hostel: We stayed for 3 weeks here. It’s a hostel with 24 rooms, but quiet enough. No kitchen facilities. Free WiFi (available from 07:00 to 12:00 & 16:00 to 00:00), and space to park your motorcycle / bicycle free of charge. Price: 90BOB (45BOB p.p.) for a double room with shared bathroom (hot water 24h). (Jul ’15) gps: -20.46322, -66.823685

 Uyuni, restaurant with local food: We loved these restaurants, but for some reason only locals eat here. A big portion of grilled llama accompanied by french fries, rice and salad for 20BOB! (Jul ’15) gps: -20.461143, -66.82277

 Incahuasi island: The center of Uyuni salar. 30BOB entrance fee per person to access the island, use the bathrooms, eat & buy something from the restaurant. (Jul ’15) gps: -20.24076, -67.62755

wild camping icom Pescado island, wild camp spot: Nice and quiet spot for wild camping in the middle of nowhere. Far away from everything and everyone! (Jul ’15) gps: -20.13371, -67.80832

 Uyuni, car wash: 10BOB to rinse the salt off the Vespa. (Jul ’15) gps: -20.4478, -66.83462

wild camping icom Wild camp spot, 23km after Uyuni: We spent a night here, right next to a small…landfill! Thanks to the strong winds and the cold weather we had a pleasant stay without any side effects. (Jul ’15) gps: -20.402763, -66.704544

hotel icon Potosi, Residential Tarija (accommodation) : Here you can stay in a small, standard room or park your motorhome in the yard. There’s no internet, but there’s hot water for shower in the morning, drinking water and a safe place to park your vehicle with no extra cost. Price: 60BOB for a double room (for 2 people). (Jul ’15) gps: -19.584236, -65.755516

 Sucre, customs: Here we extended the Vespa’s entry permit for 2 more months, free of charge. (Aug ’15) gps: -19.017494, -65.25098

 Sucre, gas station: The closest one to the city center. The price per liter for petrol was 3.75BOB but the employee asked for 8.88BOB/lt without receipt (the “international” price is a common problem in Bolivia) ! Fortunately, a local guy offered to buy the gasoline for himself and sell it to us at the locals’ price) … (Aug ’15) gps: -19.039774, -65.24898

hotel icon Sucre, hostel San Marcos: The cheapest hostel we managed to find in the city center, with a place to park the vespa with no extra charge. Free WiFi, hot water 24h, place for a motorcycle/ bicycle. Price: 80BOB for a double room with shared bathroom (40BOB p.p.) (Aug ’15) gps: -19.04507, -65.25729

 Sucre, laundry: Wash your clothes here for 8BOB per kilo. (Aug ’15) gps: -19.049343, -65.261604

 Sucre, central market: The most amazing open market we’ve ever seen during our trip! The best place to buy groceries, meat and anything you can imagine. (Aug ’15) gps: -19.04522, -65.25938

 Tarabuco, gas station: At the time we were here it was under construction, but almost ready. (Aug ’15) gps: -19.176231 -64.91599

 Zudáñez, gas station: (Aug ’15) gps: -19.122126, -64.69949

 La Higuera, the village where Che Guevara was killed: Small village with less than 100 people living here at the moment. Worths your visit just to enjoy the nature, landscape and silence of this place. (Aug ’15) gps: -18.79471, -64.20099

hotel icon La Higuera, communal hostel / camping: A place run by the local community. Price: 20BOB p.p. for a double room with shared bathroom. Hot water, no internet. (Aug ’15) gps: -18.79473, -64.20125

 Pucará, mini market selling gas: (Aug ’15) gps: -18.715662, -64.18484

 Vallegrande, gas station: (Aug ’15) gps: -18.5032085, -64.09946

hotel icon Vallegrande, Mexico Lindo hotel: Very nice hotel and really cheap! Hot water all day, but no internet. Secure place to park your motorcycle / bicycle inside, free of charge. Price: 60BOB (30 p.p.) for a double room with private bathroom. (Aug ’15) gps: -18.492636, -64.10723

  Vallegrande, gas station: (Aug ’15) gps: -18.47834, -64.11339

 Vallegrande, welder / mechanic: Here we fixed a problem we had on the exhaust. (Aug ’15) gps: -18.503208, -64.09946

 San Isidro, gas station: (Aug ’15) gps: -18.043308, -64.433

 Comarapa, gas station: (Aug ’15) gps: -17.917418, -64.528046

hotel icon Cochabamba, hotel Florida: The cheapest place we managed to find atwalking distance from the city center. Free WiFi, TV, hot water 24h and space to park your motorcycle / bicycle. Price: 140BOB + 10ΒΟΒ (for the motorcycle) for a double room with private bathroom.

 (Aug ’15) gps: -17.396967, -66.15457

hotel icon Caracollo, Alojamiento (hotel): Basic accommodation in the village of Caracollo. Price: 60BOB (30BOB p.p.) for a double room with electricity, shared bathroom (not the cleanest one we’ve seen) and no running water. (Aug ’15) gps: -17.650124, -67.21108

hotel icon La Paz, hotel Turini: There’s no space to park your motorcycle, but there’s a parking close by, where you can leave it the whole night for 10BOB. No internet. Price: 75BOB for a double room with shared bathroom (37.5BOB p.p.). 5BOB extra to have a shower. (Aug ’15) gps: -16.491547, -68.13817

 La Paz, vehicle insurance: Motorcycle / car insurance for Mercosur countries. Price: 100 US$ for a 6-months contract. Same cost for cars. “Seguros Illimani”, Calle Loayza No.233, Edificio Mcal. de Ayacucho, 10th floor. (Aug ’15) gps: -16.498997, -68.13324

 La Paz, patisserie – bakery: Patisserie / bakery “Brosso” probably has the best ice-cream in town! Special offer every Tuesday, pay 1 get 2! Price: 10BOB for 3 scoops. (Aug ’15) gps: -16.500801, -68.13296

 Copacabana, pizza “Italiana”: Best pizza we ate in Bolivia! 50 to 65BOB for a family size pizza (8 pieces). Homemade thin dough and rich in ingredients! (Sep ’15) gps: -16.164812, -69.08692

hotel icon Copacabana, hostel Emperador: Very nice hostel, really close to the center of the town. Quiet, roomy, it has clean toilets and showers with hot water. Free WiFi. Price: 50BOB for a double room with shared bathroom (25BOB p.p.). (Sep ’15) gps: -16.167871, -69.08518

 Copacabana, restaurants for trout: With 25BOB you can have one fresh grilled trout accompanied by french fries, rice and some salad. Local “Paceña” beer (0.5L) for 15BOB. (Sep ’15) gps: -16.167274, -69.09041

 Kasani, migration & customs: (Sep ’15) gps: -16.22521, -69.09569


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