It’s time for a check-up!

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18 days left until the start of our trip, so it’s time for a check-up…

Of course, I’m talking about the old Vespa (the good one 😛 ), the PX200. After exactly 10 harsh years on the road and after 120,000 kilometers on the clock with no other problems than the normal wear of some parts, it was time for the Vespa to be put under the microscope. The maintenance it underwent, was more preventive than invasive because “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” ! 



Photos: Checking the Vespa at the garage (

As for Thanos’ Vespa, it is a newer model (GT200) in a better condition than mine. So, any intervention on his, was rather superficial.

This is what we did today:

  • Changed all the cables (brakes, clutch, throttle etc)

  • Changed the battery

  • Changed the oil seal (crankshaft clutch)

  • Checked the stator plate

  • Checked the cylinder, the piston and its rings

  • Cleaned the cylinder head

  • Cleaned the carburetor

  • Changed the carburetor gaskets

  • Changed spark plug

  • Changed the rear suspension

  • Checked the shock absorber base plate

  • Changed the selector box

  • Changed the oil & fuel tubes

  • Changed the brake shoes / pads

  • Checked the rear drum brake

  • Checked the clutch basket & the disks

  • Checked the oil pump gear

  • Changed the gearbox oil


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Photos: Checking the Vespa at the garage (

And how does it feel after all those changes? Like new!

It sounds better, it runs better, the clutch feels better and maaany more…Today I felt like buying a new scooter! I hope it can travel for 120,000 more kilometers without any major problems…

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