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 Time flies! I’ve been in Buenos Aires for 3 months now without realizing it! No, I’m not staying here because I like it that much! Buenos Aires is a big city and generally, I don’t like big cities. I stayed here for that long because I needed to re-organize the whole thing. As I’ve already told you, from now on I won’t be traveling alone. Alexandra will be traveling with me on the rear seat!

We had to find equipment for her and renew/repair mine, as well as to take care of the vespa so that we won’t have any nasty surprises on the road. We also had to finish with some pending obligations back in Greece.

Staying that much at the same place was something new for me. It was a break from the routine of the trip: driving for 10 hours, sleeping in the tent etc. I also had the opportunity to improve my cooking skills, to breathe all the air pollution of a big city and get ready to continue!

Even if Buenos Aires is a huge city, I liked it! It is a city that lives! You can see people in the streets, places where you can sit for a coffee, restaurants, tourists from all over the world! This city never sleeps! The people here speak loudly: they say what they think and they won’t hesitate to talk with you, even if they don’t know you. They’ll invite you for an “asado” (barbeque) at their home, they’ll drink, eat, shout…they’ll enjoy life!


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This city has a character very close to that of Greece!

When I say that this city “lives” I’m not referring only to the part of entertainment. The people here are aware of the socio-political situation in Greece and Europe in general. They even know detailed information about the Greek government: SYRIZA – the political party that won the recent elections, the Greek prime minister’s name and age…everything. The people I talked to, wanted to know my opinion on the situation and they were interested in conversations on if there is hope for change in Greece, Europe and consequently in rest of the world. The conversations I had on these fields lasted many hours!

In one week, I’ll be on the road again and I’m already thinking that I’ll miss Buenos Aires. I hope that South America is going to provide me with new interesting experiences and many new things to learn!

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8 Comments on “Buenos Aires”

  1. Καλη συνεχεια παιδια!!! Και μη χαθουμε 😉 Εσεις ανεβαίνετε, εμεις κατεβαίνουμε, όλο και κάπου θα συναντηθούμε.

    Καλούς δρόμους & Καλή διασκέδαση!!!!!


    Υ.γ: Να το προσέχεις το κορίτσι Γκόγκο. Τα κορίτσια είναι ευαίσθητα κι ας μη μας το δείχνουν 😉

    1. Εννοείται πως δεν θα χαθούμε,
      πότε υπολογίζετε να είστε Λ. Αμερική;
      Καλό δρόμο!!!

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