Africa’s best and worst

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These are MY "Africa's best & worst" stuff after 438 days on the road...

After my little ride through Africa in 438 days and about 32,000km always riding my cool Vespa (OK – OK I also took some trucks and some 4X4), I collected some interesting facts and I’d like to share them with you. So take a small taste and stay tuned for the next post with all the data from my trip (petrol, food, accommodation and other costs)!

On the road for: 438 days

Countries visited: 19 (Italy, Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Cameroon, Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Lesotho)

Favorite country: D.R.Congo

Least favorite country: S.Africa

Most beautiful country: Lesotho

Distance covered on the Vespa: 32,000 km

Average distance covered per day: 73 km

Average fuel consumption: 4.315 lt/100km

Petrol I used: 1,380 lt

Africa's best

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Longest / most difficult border crossing: Mauritania – Senegal (5 hours)

Quickest / easiest border crossing: Namibia – South Africa (5 minutes)

Longest visa application: Nigeria (took me a week in Ouagadougou)

Quickest visa application: for the 2 Congos (within few hours in Lome)

Most expensive visa: D.R.C. (2 months for 124 € / 2 months extension 147 €)

Cheapest visa: Benin (11 €)

Most expensive petrol: D.R.C. (3.78 €/lt but only in 1-2 very remote villages – in the rest of the country 1.61 €/lt)

Cheapest petrol: Nigeria (0.58 €/lt)

Most expensive sleep: Nigeria (13.8 € in a hotel)

Cheapest sleep: Togo & Namibia (1.4 € in campsites)

Most expensive meal: 15.15 € (Republic of Congo)

Cheapest meal: 0.15 € (Burkina Faso)

Most expensive product: yellow cheese 82€/kg (Burkina Faso)

Cheapest product: bananas 0.05€ per piece (D.R.Congo)

Worst meal: the thing that they call fufu or nsima or pap or bukarhi no matter if it comes with the best meat or fish (to be honest I’ve missed it a bit), and also the hundreds kilos of rice with tomato sauce that I’ve eaten!

Best meal: sandwich with fried bananas in Bamako

Worst bread: Ghana (it’s something like toast bread but it’s sweet)

Best bread: Morocco (simply the best bread I’ve ever eaten)


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Worst roads: D.R.C.

Best roads: Morocco

Vespa troubles: dead pick-up after 120,000km (Cameroon), 2 sets of clutch disks burnt (one in each Congo), broken speed cable (South Africa)

Punctures: 1 (Mali)

Accidents: 0

Got ill: 0

Times robbed: 0

Bribes / fines: 0

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10 Comments on “Africa’s best and worst”

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  2. Very sad that you did not like our country, but it was nice to meet you here. Have a great journey further.

  3. Don’t worry… will love South America…..Colombia el mejor…no go to Venezuela if you value your belongings and life . Brazil not much better either….
    Vaya con Dios amigo …!

    1. The average kilometers per day are 73.
      So as for the reasons why S.Africa was my least favorite country, I’m going to write in detail all the reasons why it didn’t took my heart.

    1. Η λέξη φουίτ που έχει επικρατήσει στην βόρεια Ελλάδα (εσείς δλδ τι λέτε; ) προέρχεται από την Γαλλική λέξη (όπως και σχεδόν ότι έχει να κάνει με τα αυτοκίνητα και τα οχήματα γενικά) fuite, η οποία σημαίνει διαφυγή. Και στην περίπτωσή μας, διαφυγή αέρα! 😉

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