Our motorcycle gear

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Our Motorcycle Gear

In August 2018, Tri-Motive provided us with this motorcycle gear: ARMR KISO 2 jackets x2 (men’s & ladies) ARMR TOTTORI EVO men’s trousers ARMR KIRA 2 women’s trousers ARMR MATSU boots x2 VEMAR FENG helmets x2 ARMR SH840 gloves x2 ARMR rainwear trousers We thanked them, took it, tried it, used it (and recently started … Read More

Our UK Trip (video)

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Our UK trip - Το ταξίδι μας στην Αγγλία - Us

If only we could spend some more time there…Two years ago, a series of magical coincidences and our meeting with Paddy Tyson, the man behind The Overland Magazine and The Overland Event, brought us to the UK for the first time. We did a presentation of our RTW trip, met very interesting people and got … Read More