A rockstar in Congo!

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You can check minute 05:15 of the video for the reason I call myself a rock-star… This video is dedicated to the Greek people of Lubumbashi for their support and hospitality! Many thanks guys! I’m editing the rest of the clips at the moment and soon you’ll be able to see the whole “Congo on a … Read More

Pills, vaccines etc

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  Χτες μετά από την επίσκεψή μου στη “Διεύθυνση Υγείας” και στο νοσοκομείο Λοιμωδών Θεσσαλονίκης, όπου έκανα προληπτικά εξέταση αίματος ώστε να ξέρω σε τι κατάσταση βρίσκονται και πόσα είναι τα αντισώματα που έχω για τους διάφορους ιούς, έφυγα αρκετά χαρούμενος, αφού τελικά βρέθηκαν ορισμένα εμβόλια τα οποία ήταν είδος υπό εξαφάνιση στη χώρα μας, … Read More

Belgrade 2012

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Belgrade featured

The solution to the crisis! Thessaloniki – Belgrade, of course on a Vespa (and a…Kymco). We spent 90 € each and we were like kings for 3 days! We made our trip and we met our Serbian friends! Well we know that nothing is like Halkidiki, but a video can say a lot…

Zell Am See, Austria 2009

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Zell Am See

Participating in the Vespa World Days 2009: My first Vespa trip abroad! Info The route Thessaloniki – Igoumenitsa Igoumenitsa – Venice Venice – Zell am See Zell am See – Salzburg (and back) Total kilometers 1.812km Duration 9 days Cost 747 Euros   PS Many thanks to the friend who made the video!

Nordkapp, Norway 2011

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More than 11.000km in 16 countries, from Greece to Nordkapp, the north-most point of the continent in 24 days! And all that on a 2 stroke Vespa!     Thanks for watching! If you like our videos, please subscribe to our YouTube channel ?