“The Congos” (part 02/02)

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Democratic Republic of the Congo on a Vespa scooter!     I don’t know what’s going wrong with me. The last month I’m trying to write about the amazing experience I had traveling through both Congos and I cannot write a word! So until I manage to express myself, have a look to the second … Read More

“The Congos” (part 01/02)

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The Congo

Traveling through the Congos on a Vespa!   I still need some rest after the 2 weeks traveling on trucks and crawling in the sand (4 weeks from Kinshasa to Lubumbashi). As I see, time flies in Lubumbashi and I’m having a great time with the Greeks here. I will take my time and organize … Read More

Togo / Benin / Nigeria

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Togo Benin Nigeria

I cannot understand what’s the problem with some people and they don’t want me to take their pictures. While we were crossing the borders entering Togo, I saw a vespa. It looked so “cool” with stickers on it writing “Thank you Jesus”, with a brand new spare tire, clean and shiny and the first thing I … Read More


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Ghana was not in our plans because we had heard many negative things about the visas and about crossing its borders, from other “travelers”. Most of them had concluded that it is impossible to enter the country unless you already have bought a visa from your country of origin and that it is also completely … Read More

Burkina Faso

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Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso or “The country of honest people”. I don’t know if it is the country of honest people or of whatever kind of people, but for sure, it is the country with the less bureaucracy until now. Three days ago, we had left from Bamako and we had said “goodbye” to Mali, this really … Read More


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The way Liam travels is very similar to mine and we have many things in common, especially our philosophy on traveling. He’s open minded and he lives every moment without worrying for the details. He likes adventure and he is open to every kind of challenge! We have already started to make some crazy plans … Read More