South Africa (part01)

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  I found myself running away from Namibia trying to save some money. As I expected, crossing the borders of Namibia to enter South Africa was too easy (the easiest border crossing among all the countries I had been). The police and the customs officers were supposed to check all my documents etc, but that … Read More

Africa: The cost of the trip

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my expenses in africa

ALL MY EXPENSES AND OTHER INTERESTING FACTS, AFTER 14 MONTHS IN AFRICA…Many of you, are asking me how do I finance my trip and where do I find the money to pay for my accommodation, the petrol and the food that I need. People think that in order to do such a big trip you … Read More

Africa’s best and worst

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These are MY “Africa’s best & worst” stuff after 438 days on the road…After my little ride through Africa in 438 days and about 32,000km always riding my cool Vespa (OK – OK I also took some trucks and some 4X4), I collected some interesting facts and I’d like to share them with you. So … Read More