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redfox z dry hoody review

When you are on a motorbike for hours, being dressed like an onion, with multiple layers, is the key for the various temperatures throughout the day. But it is very important to wear comfortable clothes that also keep you warm when the temperature is low. The RedFox Z-Dry Hoody proved to be the perfect base-layer, which we also use as a mid-layer depending on the circumstances.

It is made with a double-knit polyester, intrinsically hydrophobic to wick moisture away fast and waffle construction on the inside to trap warmth. And it is fitted and at the same time as comfortable as it promises (detail we like: the seamless underarm gusset).

What we also discovered after many months of frequent or even everyday use for many days consecutively, is that the Z-Dry Hoodies are really, really durable. There are no signs of discoloration, not even the slightest fading (vivid colors – one pink and one blue) and they haven't lost their form. Oh, and not the slightest sign of pilling, either!

  The hood comes very handy, too. It's a tightly fit hood that protects the head and ears from the cold, but its best feature is that it can be worn under the helmet, providing the highest level of warmth. Last but not least, we should definitely not forget to mention that after some “difficult” situations without the possibility of changing and washing them for some days, we were amazed to discover that there was no smell!

We are 100% satisfied with the Z-Dry Hoodies and we enthusiastically recommend them.

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The product reviewed here was given to us as a sponsorship from RED FOX OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT. We need to clarify that we asked for the specific product after we had already made our own research and we don't have any obligation to “promote” or “advertise” it. The review comes after 15 months of frequent use (and everyday use for extended periods with short breaks in between).
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