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We always need at least one big backpack among our luggage. In various occasions we need to carry some of our stuff on our backs. From simple one-day hikes to multi-day trekking adventures, it is absolutely necessary to be able to take only some pieces of our equipment with us (our tent, sleeping bags, stove, supplies, etc) and carry everything comfortably.

Maybe we could have chosen a simpler backpack, but since we travel long-term and we're always open to new challenges, we decided to go on with the Summit 70L. Our 5-day trekking to the archaeological site of Choquequirao (Peru) back in 2015, taught us how important it is to have the right backpack so, we wouldn't make the same mistake to carry a poor quality backpack again.

The Summit 70L is a really lightweight backpack (1910g / 4¼ lbs.) made of extremely resilient materials, hence the ideal backpack for our trip. Not only because it's a great product that meets its purpose in general (an “expedition” backpack), but additionally to this, after 15 months of being tightly tied on the scooter, it still shows no signs of weariness. As you can see in images of our loaded scooter, the Summit 70L goes on the top of our luggage, tied with stripes on the rear rack. This means that it is subject to all weather conditions, which can be very harsh. We are amazed that not even its color has faded yet!

All its features are carefully designed: Its tens of pockets (with or without zippers) make it very practical. You can put there and hide any kind of small object without loosing it. Another feature that we love is that you can adjust and readjust literally every part of the backpack according to your body (size etc), to your preferences and to your various needs. Even the lid can be not only adjusted but totally removed and used as a fanny pack (or better, a carry bag). There are numerous details such as the metal buckles (that never fail you), the secure clips in some of the pockets where you can hang keys and other valuables, the ergonomic design that makes the backpack fully adjustable to your spine, the anatomically shaped waist belt, the padded shoulder straps, etc...

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Our overall impression is that the Summit 70L (it comes in other dimensions, too) is ideal for our kind of travel. If you need a truly resilient expedition backpack that can withstand some abuse and at the same time be really comfortable even when fully loaded, then we can recommend it for sure!

The product reviewed here was given to us as a sponsorship from RED FOX OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT. We need to clarify that we asked for the specific product after we had already made our own research and we don't have any obligation to “promote” or “advertise” it. The review comes after 15 months of frequent use (and everyday use for extended periods with short breaks in between).

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