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RedFox Comfort 3 tent review

For the first part of our trip around South America in 2014-2015, we had chosen the RedFox Comfort 3 tent to be our home. After 15 months of almost everyday use under various conditions, its performance left us more than satisfied. That's why we preferred the exact same tent for the second part of our trip, in 2019-2020. After 15 months of almost everyday use, again in various climates and terrains and sometimes under very harsh weather conditions, once more the Comfort-3 proved to be ideal for our style of traveling.

We have used various types of tents throughout our trips, so we can say with certainty that the Comfort 3 lives up to its name: comfort. We say this for three main reasons, which we find very important when choosing a tent: lightweight, easy to set up, waterproof.

It weighs 3300g (116oz / 7.3lbs) and it comes in an adjustable bag that makes it very easy to fit inside – contrary to other tents that need to be squeezed back into their bags when closed.

It's really easy to set up as it doesn't have separate poles but instead, a spider-like structure with 4 poles attached to a central one that goes on the top of the tent. So, you just have to hook the inner tent in the poles and voila!

The inner tent can be set without the outer shell if the second one is not needed. And in case you have to put the tent on a hard surface, it doesn't need to be staked down using the guylines – it's freestanding.

As for its waterproof qualities, the PU coating makes the fabric really water resistant (Awning: polyester 190T W / R PU 7000 – Bottom: Nylon 190T W / R PU 9000).

The tent itself is spacious enough for two people and their basic equipment. We leave the big luggage outside, but we always put our laptops, cameras, jackets, etc inside the tent with us. As for the things we leave outside, there is space for them in the two vestibules (we need to say though, that we wouldn't mind having some more space in the vestibules). It also has two separate entrances. The two entrances as well as the vents are covered with mosquito net (thin enough to see outside), so leaving them open creates a nice breeze for the warm nights plus a mosquito-free sleep. Another feature that we like is the light green color of the awning and the white color of the inside part of the tent. The choice of those two, allows plenty of light to enter the tent creating a bright interior.

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So, what about its endurance? Well, after 15 months on the road using it on a regular basis, under various conditions – rocky surfaces (on a tarp), Patagonian winds (very strong gusty winds), continuous heavy rainfall (during the wet season in tropical climates), etc – we can't complain at all. With the proper care, the tent remains intact. Neither the poles nor the fabric itself (water resistance etc) have any significant signs of wear. The only thing we noticed is a fading of its once bright green color.

Combining all the above with its very reasonable price in the market, our overall opinion is that it's a really great option if not the ideal one. We enthusiastically recommend it.

The product reviewed here was given to us as a sponsorship from RED FOX OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT. We need to clarify that we asked for the specific product after we had already made our own research and we don't have any obligation to “promote” or “advertise” it. The review comes after 15 months of frequent use (and everyday use for extended periods with short breaks in between).

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