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redfox arctic -20 sleeping bag review

We chose the Arctic -20 sleeping bags mainly for their temperature range, their low weight and their good insulation. However, when we started using them we discovered more features that made us love them.

First of all, they're lightweight (1460 g / 3.2 lbs. / 51.5 oz) and they can be squeezed into their bags with no effort. Tightening the straps of the bags, makes their overall size easily manageable to fit in the luggage.

Their temperature range is +3° down to -19° C (+37° down to -4° F) which makes them perfect for the cold nights and their good insulation keeps away moist even in very dump conditions. Among the other features we discovered (and loved) is the fleece pocket in the toe zone (warm feet is the key for a good night's sleep) as well as the option between right and left zipper, that allow zipping two sleeping bags together (yay!).

Overall, we loved the RedFox Arctic -20 sleeping bags, as they proved to be ideal for the cold weather of the Latin American South (Chilean and Argentinian Patagonia) as well as for the high altitudes of the Andean cordillera. For the zones with milder climates, they were a bit too warm (maybe an Arctic -15 would be more comfortable for less cold night temperatures), but this can easily be solved by opening the zipper and let some heat out! We preferred to be well prepared for the cold weather rather than freeze in a less warm sleeping bag. So yes, we definitely recommend them.
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  • redfox arctic -20 sleeping bag
The product reviewed here was given to us as a sponsorship from RED FOX OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT. We need to clarify that we asked for the specific product after we had already made our own research and we don't have any obligation to “promote” or “advertise” it. The review comes after 15 months of frequent use (and everyday use for extended periods with short breaks in between).
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