Our motorcycle gear

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Our Motorcycle Gear

We thanked them, took it, tried it, used it (and recently started to abuse it) and we think it’s a good idea to write down our first (and not only) impressions… So, here they are: Jackets (ARMR KISO 2 & KISO 2 ladies) We always wear motorcycle jackets when we travel, as well as when … Read More

Our UK Trip (video)

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Our UK trip - Το ταξίδι μας στην Αγγλία - Us

Two years ago, a series of magical coincidences and our meeting with Paddy Tyson, the man behind The Overland Magazine and The Overland Event, brought us to the UK for the first time. We did a presentation of our RTW trip, met very interesting people and got inspired. This was the beginning of a different … Read More

Overland Event 2016 (photos)

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A 4-day gathering dedicated to our 2 big loves: travels and motorcycles! The Overland Event 2016 photos… → Read here our report from the Overland Event 2016 ←

Meteora 2013 – Winter Vespa Meeting [video]

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Ένα 17λεπτο βίντεο από την βόλτα στη Λάρισα στο σπίτι του Θάνου (του μελλοντικού μου συνταξιδιώτη στο γύρο του κόσμου), την Καλαμπάκα και τα Μετέωρα, την προπερασμένη εβδομάδα με αφορμή την 16η πανελλήνια χειμερινή συνάντηση Vespa. A 17 minutes video from the trip we made 2 weeks ago to Larisa where Thanos (the guy that … Read More