Santiago (Chile)

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It was early afternoon when we entered Santiago. From the first moment we left the highway and started driving in the streets of the city, we got the disorientation we always feel in the big cities. It is completely different in a small town, where we can easily guess which direction is the center and … Read More

Atacama Desert (Chile)

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The truth is that we hadn’t heard many stories of sheer excitement about Chile. Of course, we knew about the fantastic landscape in the Atacama Desert or in the Chilean Patagonia, but we had also heard that people there are a bit snobby and unwelcoming, their Spanish is difficult to understand and that everything in … Read More

Overland Event 2016 (photos)

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A 4-day gathering dedicated to our 2 big loves: travels and motorcycles! The Overland Event 2016 photos… → Read here our report from the Overland Event 2016 ←