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Ghana was not in our plans because we had heard many negative things about the visas and about crossing its borders, from other “travelers”. Most of them had concluded that it is impossible to enter the country unless you already have bought a visa from your country of origin and that it is also completely … Read More

Burkina Faso

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Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso or “The country of honest people”. I don’t know if it is the country of honest people or of whatever kind of people, but for sure, it is the country with the less bureaucracy until now. Three days ago, we had left from Bamako and we had said “goodbye” to Mali, this really … Read More


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Bamako at last! After a long journey that lasted 9 days, after 8 night sleeping in our tents in forests, rivers and mountains, after 1520kms, we were there! They were the most intense, the most adventurous, the most real 9 days of journey until now! One more thing is that Thanos, after traveling together for about … Read More


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We left Nouakchott with our batteries fully charged! With our visas for Mali at a cost of 16 euros only and valid for 1 month and with all our clothes clean and fresh, we took the road to the south to reach the borders of Senegal. For the last few days we were trying to … Read More


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Two weeks ago, we entered Mauritania. The procedure we had to follow in order to cross the borders was much simpler than we expected according to what we had read. It took us less than 2.5 hours and that, only because we had to drive in a very low speed through “no man’s land” – the … Read More

Southern Morocco & Western Sahara

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The road now is a straight line and it’s the first time I’m happy to drive in a straight line! On our right hand, the Atlantic ocean with its huge waves and the fresh sea-breeze, on our left hand the ultimate nothing-ness(!). Only the line of the horizon! This image is what we had been … Read More

Marrakesh & southern Morocco

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Good morning to everyone and have a good month!Do not expect much from us these days, especially after all those crazy things we did on the Atlas mountains and at the Sahara! Nothing can describe our days there! During the last week, we spent our time resting in a campsite in Marrakesh (a very nice campsite, … Read More