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Time flies here in Africa! Few days ago, I turned one more page to my journey and from Zambia I went to Botswana. Exactly one month ago I was in Zambia, the first three weeks with Christina (madnomad), to whom I offered some psychological support as she was trying to send her motorcycle back to Greece (she is still waiting for it!).

I have some good memories from Zambia (but not as good as those I have from the two Congos). Everything here has been so predictable, so quiet, so flat (tar road everywhere), so easy for a traveler. Of course I didn’t provoke my luck that much. I didn’t take the alternative route which connects Lusaka to Livingstone. I was dazzled by the many shopping malls which we had been visiting everyday with Christina drinking our coffee. But what else could we do? There is not much to see in Lusaka.

In Livingstone the things were a bit better. There are many things to do and to see not far away from the Victoria waterfalls (safaris for example) and the choices you have are innumerable (accommodation, restaurants and various activities). Tourists from every place on earth gather there. So, after I saw the waterfalls, I once more packed my stuff and passed to Botswana by boat.


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